Mail Manager Overview.jpg Mail Manager Introduction (7:13)

  • What it is and what it’s for
  • Where all the messages go
  • Why it’s so useful
  • What might happen if you don’t use it


received-messages.jpg Received Messages (1:08)

  • Suggested locations
  • All locations
  • Filtering the list of locations
sent-messages.jpg Sent Messages (1:21)

  • Prompt to file Sent messages
  • Send & file or Send only
options.jpg Options (3:06)

  • Add comments
  • Mark a message as reviewed
  • Change the subject
  • Delete message after filing
  • Send a link
  • File attachments separately
all.jpg All Messages In a Folder (1:36)

  • File all messages in a folder and sub folders
  • Move or copy messages
dropfolders.jpg Drop Folders (2:48)

  • Setup drop folders
  • File using mobile devices
  • Pin drop folders


add-via-explorer.jpg Add Via Windows Explorer (1:08)

  • Right-click – Add Mail Manager Location
add-location-filing.jpg Add a Location When Filing (1:23)

  • Add a location via the filing dialog
adding-collections.jpg Collections (3:17)

  • Create a new collection
  • Add an existing collection
  • Remove a collection
  • Move or rename a collection
  • Load or unload a collection
locations-dialogue.jpg Locations Dialogue (4:24)

  • Add single and multiple locations to a collection
  • Using drag and drop from Windows Explorer
  • Copy and paste locations
editing-locations.jpg Editing (4:44)

  • Change the description of a location
  • Add a suffix or prefix to a description
  • Edit the path of a location
  • Change the usage i.e. file and search or search only
  • Delete locations
  • Open the location folder


search-query-field.jpg Using the Query Field (1:18)

  • Search for a keyword anywhere in the message
search-locations.jpg Using Locations (1:22)

  • Search by filing locations
search-options-pane.jpg Options pane (2:00)

  • Search by locations, subject, body, from, to, cc, between two parties
  • Reset search fields
  • Search for attachments and comments
search-date-range.jpg Date range in search (2:00)

  • Search for messages between two dates
  • Search messages by age e.g. today, less than one week, less than one year etc.
search-right-click.jpg Right-click options (2:39)

  • Open a message
  • Print the preview of a message
  • Select all messages
  • Add comments to messages
  • Copy to clipboard, copy to another location and move to another location
  • Open the folder where the messages or stored
  • Email a link to a filed message
  • Export the column information
search-sort-column.jpg Sorting by column (1:59)

  • Group by column
  • Add and remove columns
  • Re-order columns
search-social-map.jpg Social map (1:30)

  • Node size
  • Zoom and scale

Screen Capture

snap-n-send.jpg Snap’n’Send (6:30)

  • Resize the background
  • Snap an image
  • Using the mark-up tools
  • Access previous snaps
  • Save formats
  • Send via an email
  • Edit previous snaps

Mobile Device Support

Drop Folders.jpg Drop Folders (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc) (2:07)

A quick look at Drop Folders in Mail Manager which allow for filing on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 7 devices.