Incorporate and utilise cloud-based storage into your emailing system

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Partnering with CloudFiler provides a new efficient way to do business. It allows us to offer an affordable, reliable and secure cloud email management system. Work efficiently from any tablet, smartphone, PC, Mac or browser and file and search when disconnected from the office. Together, we help companies adapt to any challenges.

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Future-Driven Technology

As a CloudFiler partner, we position the best email management solution in your reach. Collaborating with CloudFiler allows us to create a smooth user experience for the best business outcomes.

Start your digital transformation today.

What We Offer

We offer implementation, monitoring, management and support with all services provided by CloudFiler.

Utilise Uni·Secure to protect your CloudFiler system

Implementation of your system with Uni·Manage 

Use Uni·Support to assist with your CloudFiler system

Get reports on CloudFiler infrastructure with Uni·Manage

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