Endpoint Detection and Response Services

Autonomous AI powered endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution backed by world-class managed security incident services

Endpoint Security Solution Overview

Uni·Secure Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) provides distinctive endpoint security and threat recognition by blocking, detecting and responding to continually evolving hazards, granting a prompt comeback when exploits, like ransomware, take place. Uni·Secure Endpoint Detection and Response, driven by SentinelOne, provides resource-saving self-governing robots for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Kubernetes that are suitable for a variety of configurations such as physical, virtual, VDI, user data centers, hybrid data centers and cloud providers.

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EDR Security Integration

Uni·Secure Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is crafted to instantly supply security to your endpoints. We employ tried-and-true approaches with tailored safety protocols and actions that adjust to altering invaders that target endpoints. Our security personnel collaborate with your personnel to evaluate, arrange and implement the answer to bring advanced security services right away with a limited effect on users. In addition to promptly offering support solutions with an enhanced comprehension of your milieu, our service provides in-house proficiency for running security activities day-to-day and customized program advice to thwart sophisticated risks — all while keeping your success at the forefront.

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Want to Learn More?

Data-driven Reports

We will provide quality reports of your company’s security, malicious threats and recovery status. Get access to view your endpoint health, threat intelligence, and cybersecurity posture in real time.

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Full Endpoint Security Operations

Powered by SentinelOne, the cloud managed solution includes comprehensive, autonomous features to protect your environment against all threats.


Fully Managed Detection Response Services, 24/7/365

Network and security specialists continuously monitor your endpoints for incidents and threat actors, only escalating to your team when qualified.

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Monthly Subscription

Avoid up front technology costs. Pay one flat monthly fee per device to simplify your billing.

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