Strategize, design, and implement IT solutions to complete your digital transformation

About Uni·Consult

With countless years of industry experience and technical expertise, Uni·Consult will revamp your organization’s IT infrastructure and accelerate your digital transformation.

Our experienced IT professionals are equipped with tools and knowledge that can help with any IT project, regardless of how complex it is.

Uni·Consult offers an extensive range of enablement services such as IT modernization, infrastructure assessments, implementations, deployments and more.

Get in contact with us and we will work to ensure that all your IT ambitions are brought to fruition.


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Everything you Need to Succeed

Uni·Consult will give you access to top tech resources and help your company understand the strengths and areas of opportunity for a digital transformation. Be a catalyst for your business and re-envision your IT framework. Get connected with UNICCS’ dedicated team of IT professionals to cocreate the best solutions that will meet all your customer’s budgets, timelines and requirements.



We will assist you in planning and deployment of your technologies whether be from Microsoft, Lenovo, HPE, Dell or any other vendor.



We will help migrate your IT infrastructure to a physical, cloud or environment of your choice


We assess and provide up-to-date and accurate information on your company’s network, cloud or security

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Dedicated Team

Our staff of dedicated project managers and enterprise architects will obtain your business goals by overseeing and coordinating any IT projects.

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Technical Expertise

Here at UNICCS, we have some of the brightest and experienced IT professionals in the country. They have the ability to optimally and efficiently conduct any solution required for your business.


Flexible Designs

At UNICCS, we are flexible with our IT solution designs to fit your company’s requirements. We stress the importance of asking questions to correctly identify your needs, and then we design custom IT solutions to best suit your business.

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Timeline and Budget Adherence

Before every project, we will provide a budget and timeline, alongside specific quality components. With this, your organization can gain a clear sense of all the logistics regarding the project.

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