Microsoft Entra ID

(Formerly Microsoft Azure)

Ideas Become Reality

Have the freedom to manage, build, and deploy any applications to achieve your goals. Solve challenges by using your preferred cloud, datacentre, infrastructure and more. Use Entra ID to turn your ideas into reality.

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Confront Any Challenge

Hurdle obstacles and start putting your ideas into motion with Microsoft Entra ID.

Trusted Cloud Storage

Proactive compliance and top-notch security to ensure a protected cloud platform. 

Freedom to Build

You choose how you want to build. With support for all frameworks and languages, deploy and build, wherever and whenever.

Seamless Management

Easily manage and integrate your infrastructure with built-in tools that are hybrid cloud tested.

Local or Global

Entra ID is able to help, no matter the distance. With datacentres all over the world and a large compliance portfolio, you will create amazing experiences for your customers.


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Suitable For Any Industry

Whether it be construction or healthcare, any industry will hugely benefit from Microsoft Entra ID’s plethora of useful tools and services. It’ll help reduce costs, improve insights, secure services, and more.

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