Cyber Security Incident Response Services

Quickly identify and neutralize any active cyber threat through an efficient incident response plan

Cybersecurity Incident Response Overview

To make sure that threats aren’t detrimental to your IT infrastructure, companies must respond quickly to identify and neutralize any active cyber threats. With Uni·Secure Cyber Incident Response, you will be provided access to our security team, who will give rapid assistance to mitigate any threats. Our service is available for both new and existing customers.


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How Our Incident Response Service Works

Our cyber security group starts by constructing a communication timetable and prioritizing goals and actions. For identification and containment, we apply actions from our proven playbook, and acquire vital artifacts to prevent further damage to your business. To ensure full recovery, we safely restore critical systems back into production by patching, hardening and applying real-time EDR/XDR response services. Lastly, we review forensics evidence to strengthen your security posture, and use it for post incident analysis and service enablement.

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Included Features

Rapid on-boarding and engagement with our global team of security response engineers

Enablement of our world class 24/7 threat monitoring, hunting, and response services

Dedicated Incident Manager during the entirety of the engagement


Detailed analysis of data from third-party technologies and event systems

Immediate account activation with predictable, fixed cost pricing

Detailed post-incident report detailing forensic findings and recommendations

Seamless transition into our industry leading EDR/XDR platform

Want to Learn More?

Immediate Cyber Incident Support

Apart of our Uni·Secure Cyber Incident Response service, we will rapidly discover, isolate and contain active threats.

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Security Threat Ejection

Remove threats and threat actors from your estate to prevent further harm. Our team will provide real-time proactive threat identification, and will neutralize threats when detected.


24/7 Vulnerability Monitoring

Our Uni·Secure Cyber Incident Response team will provide 24/7 monitoring, incident response and always-on EDR/XDR monitoring for 30 days.

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Detailed Digital Forensics

We will provide a forensic report summary detailing investigation findings and mitigations activities.

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