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About Uni·Cloud

Uni·Cloud is our cloud hosted service offering that allows customers to migrate their on-premise server environment onto our private cloud. Data storage and applications are hosted on a redundant series of servers and storage, providing enterprise grade reliance and performance. A primary key advantage to this service is fixed cost savings and scalability. Feel protected knowing you simply pay for what you need and get the growth and elasticity of a mission critical platform.


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Uni·Cloud can be integrated seamlessly to fit your needs. Our cloud service provides a 100% scalable, flexible server environment. To accommodate unique IT requirements, leverage our service to entirely or partially migrate infrastructure or extend to an existing on-premise IT infrastructure.

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Our Cloud Solutions

We can help manage and maintain your company’s cloud infrastructure. With Uni·Cloud, we have a team of experts that will help you better manage your cloud environment and make the most of your investment.


Uni·Cloud Azure

Give your business a competitive edge by maximizing and managing your Azure Cloud.

Uni·Cloud Microsoft 365

Better manage capacity and availability to ensure you can meet your company’s IT requirements.

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