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About Uni·Secure

Uni·Secure has a wide portfolio of cyber security solutions aimed at protecting companies against any detrimental security threats. We offer solutions in IT framework, enterprise security and endpoint security. Composed of different components, Uni·Secure’s solution groups seamlessly integrates into any environment and allows businesses to pick the security layer that benefits them the most.


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Framework Security Solutions

Get security solutions regarding your IT framework against evolving cyber threats. Protect your network infrastructure with Uni·Secure Wifi and Uni·Secure Firewall.


Uni·Secure WiFi

Managed turnkey WiFi solutions that provide wireless networks with advanced security.

Uni·Secure Firewall

Monitor, maintain and mitigate against live security threats with IT experts.

Enterprise Security Solutions

Organizations must respond quickly to active threats to ensure safety and protection. With our enterprise security solutions, we provide rapid assistance in regards to enterprise cleansing with our proactive security team of incident responders and threat analysts.

Uni·Secure Vulnerability

Detection Response

Establishes the cybersecurity foundation that today’s hybrid and dynamic IT environments require.

Uni·Secure Cyber

Incident Response

Rapidly respond to active threats with our Cyber Incident Response service.

Endpoint Security Solutions

Uni·Secure’s Endpoint Security Solution allows companies to get differentiated endpoint protection by preventing, detecting and acting on ever-changing threats. With Uni·Secure Mail Security, User Defence and Endpoint Detection & Response, companies will be able to get a quick recovery when exploitations occur.


Uni·Secure Mail

Elevate Office 365 with fully managed security, backup, archiving and marketing tools.

Uni·Secure User Defence

Accommodate to your employees to become the first line of defence against cyber-attacks.

Uni·Secure Endpoint Detection & Response

Autonomous AI powered endpoint security solution backed by world-class managed security services.

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