Vulnerability Detection Response

Continuous vulnerability detection and response to help secure your IT environment


Even the best security strategy is defeated by the weakest link in your organization. Uni·Secure Vulnerability Detection Response powered by Qualys establishes the cyber security foundation that today’s hybrid, dynamic, and distributed IT environments require. It is a continuously orchestrated workflow cycle, consisting of automated asset discovery, vulnerability management, threat prioritization, and optional remediation. By adopting the Uni·Secure VDR lifecycle, organizations decrease their risk of compromise by effectively preventing breaches and quickly responding to threats.


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Deep Visibility, Powerful Scanning

Everything visible, everything secure. Uni·Secure VDR gives you a continuous, always-on analysis of your global hybrid-IT, security, and compliance posture, with visibility across all your IT assets, wherever they reside. With automated, built-in threat prioritization and response capabilities, Uni·Secure VDR is a complete, end-to-end security solution.


Identify vulnerabilities that have the most impact on your risk exposure with recommendations.


Deep visibility into your growing IT systems including on-premises, remote, and cloud-based assets.

Asset discovery, inventory and categorization of all known and unknown assets for easy review.

Detailed reporting increases the security of your organization by identifying the vulnerable areas


Compliance scanning to satisfy requirements for mandates such as PCI, CIS, or general cyber insurance.

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Threat Identification and Prioritization

Threat identification using continuous threat intelligence to take control of the evolving threat landscape and to alert you when network anomalies are detected.

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Patch Detection and Management

Automatic correlation of vulnerabilities and patches helps to decrease remediation response time. Search for CVEs to identify the latest superseding patches for rapid resolution.


Vulnerability Management

Continuous detection of software vulnerabilities with the most comprehensive signature database ranging across the widest category of assets.

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Team of Security Experts

World-class vulnerability management experts provide expert guidance and support with a goal of continuous evaluation and vulnerability containment.