User Defence

Protection against cyber attacks, compromised accounts, and loss of personal data with increased user defence


Uni·Secure User Defence is a portfolio of security services tailored towards your employees to enable them to protect your company against cyber-security attacks. This set of connected and continuous services gives a turnkey solution that allows for immediate incorporation into your IT framework. The services in our solution include ready to implement cybersecurity awareness training, simulated phishing attacks and real time dark web intelligence tools. Track employees’ performance with our regular defence reports.

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Uni·Secure User Defence can be readily connected to an organization’s Azure Active Directory or LDAP in order to obtain user data. Each component of the system is set up during the onboarding stage. Our implementation team will collaborate with your personnel in assessing, designing and deploying the system so as to introduce it with minimal disturbance to users.

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Program Basics

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Want to Learn More?

Employee Awareness Training

Employees will gain access to an online training program. This program is a self-paced user cybersecurity training that also includes material on latest cyber threats.

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Detect Leaked Organization Credentials

With Uni·Secure User Defence, our detection tools will monitor a variety of dark web sources to identify compromised or stolen credentials, as well as any potential threats against the company. We also provide notification and alerting systems so that the company is informed in a timely manner if any suspicious activity or threats are detected. Our detection tools work to keep your users safe by protecting their credentials from being used for malicious purposes. 


Use Simulated Web Phishing to Test Employees

Our service includes many templates that can simulate common phishing threats to test employees with results that can bolster training and improve general knowledge. Our templates are designed to simulate many of the common phishing threats, allowing your employees to practice responding to them in a safe environment. This will help them become more aware of potential threats and develop the skills necessary to recognize and respond appropriately. Using the results from our templates, you can identify specific areas where your employees need additional training or coaching. Additionally, our templates provide insights into how employees interact with simulated threats, which can give you an indication of how they may respond in a real-life situation.

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Fixed Cost

Receive all the software, licensing, installation and operations required to deliver the services for a fixed monthly cost. Yes, this is possible. Many software and cloud providers offer an all-inclusive subscription model that includes all the necessary software, licensing, installation and operations for a fixed monthly cost. Examples of such services include Microsoft 365 Business, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and more.

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