WiFi Security

Managed turnkey Wi-fi security solution that provides wireless networks with advanced security protocols and encryption


Protect your unsecured wi-fi networks! Uni·Secure Wi-Fi provides a comprehensive, all-inclusive package for the supply of Wi-Fi services. This involves wireless access points, licensing, setup, oversight and cutting-edge security data and event assessment, such as recognition and rectification of malicious hazards. Uni·Secure Wi-Fi is easy to install and easy to manage. There are no inceptive purchase costs and customers will get a safe wireless solution with round-the-clock security event management for one flat monthly cost.

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Wireless Security Integration

Uni·Secure WiFi is created to blend seamlessly into any IT system. The Cisco Meraki access points and switches that have been installed are set to operate through the SIEM facility. Our 24/7 operations centre is included with the SIEM facility for vital wi-fi security and monitoring. Shield your vulnerable networks!

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Flat Monthly Access

This all-inclusive plan requires no initial expenditure and provides hardware, software, set-up, maintenance and protection for a flat monthly cost per access point. Secure your wireless network today!

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Dedicated Wifi Security

Uni·Secure Wi-Fi helps organizations protect their networks from cyber threats by providing proactive monitoring, rapid response, and visibility into the security posture of their public wi-fi network. By leveraging industry-leading SIEM technology, our team of certified professionals can identify and respond quickly to security incidents attempting to intercept your local network. Our 24/7/365 network operations staff is available to provide support and advice whenever needed. Additionally, our real time security analytics platform gives organizations the visibility they need to make informed decisions about their network’s security posture. With Uni·Secure Wi-Fi, organizations can be confident that their networks are secure and protected at all times. 


Configuration and Management

Uni·Secure Wi-Fi comes complete with cost-effective setup assistance and expert configuration, plus 24/7/365 management and technical help for your wireless network security. Keep your organizations local network free of potential security threats and your passwords and personal information safe and secure with a team of wi-fi protection experts as the first line of defense!

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Leading Edge Technology

Powered by Cisco Meraki, a cloud-managed solution providing an extensive set of features to meet the needs of any organization.

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