Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software

Secure and reliable enterprise backup, data protection, disaster recovery, and replication

Enterprise Backup Solution Overview

Eliminate the doubt around backups with this comprehensive solution that safeguards files, folders, emails, applications, and servers. Uni·Store Enterprise is a backup and recovery system designed with top-notch software that can be tailored to your selected cloud storage site. To guarantee the effectiveness and durability of your company, having a dependable and secure data backup plan is essential. This offering from Veeam, a renowned worldwide cloud data controller, powers Uni·Store Enterprise.

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Identify the servers to be protected by the service including the type of backups (file, folders, application or full system backup), the retention policies, the frequency of backup required to meet your requirements and rules for change management. Our on-boarding specialists will download, install and configure the backup software agents according to your requirements, setup replication to the cloud and configure alerting requirements.

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Quick Cyber Deployment

Our Uni·Secure Enterprise team will swiftly and competently set up your back-up tasks in order to reach your recovery time and point goals as per the most excellent industry standards.

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Fully Managed Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software

This fully managed solution includes leading edge cloud, software, installation, monitoring and management services. Have your solution monitored and managed 24/7/365. 


Monthly Fixed Cost

With a flat monthly cost and no setup fees, you can backup your critical data with confidence.

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24/7/365 Support

Companies will have access to a live agent to help with any problems, questions or requests regarding to your backup and recovery requirements.

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