Firewall Security

Protect your network from continually evolving threats


Uni·Secure Firewall includes next-generation firewall(s) designed to protect your network’s infrastructure. Added benefits to our firewall solution include improved site-to-site connectivity, application-specific rules, built-in SD-Wan capabilities and central administration of network/security operations for your business. The service includes the deployment of next-generation firewall(s) to your premises. The devices are programmed to meet the needs of your IT environment and provide real-time alerts.

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Next-Generation Firewall Integration

The Uni·Secure Firewall is tailored to fit into Barracuda, Cisco Meraki or Fortinet firewalls with no difficulty. Upon being linked up with the firewall, immediate protection will be provided by our SIEM and active security personnel. The SIEM program is connected to the firewall from a distance using our Network Operations Centre.

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Want to Learn More?

SIEM Integration & Remediation

We will incorporate a Security Information and Event Management system that examines log information to spot potential hazards which our safety personnel addresses.

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Insightful Monthly Reports

With Uni·Secure Firewall, security insights into system usage are sent to you automatically. Our team will report any information on the threat and remediation steps back to your company.


24/7/365 Monitoring & Management

The security personnel observe all alerts pertaining to protection and efficacy from the firewall and handle rectifying actions when required. Our security teams use a combination of automated and manual processes to monitor all security and performance alerts from the firewall. They investigate any potential issues that arise and take appropriate action, such as blocking malicious IPs or making changes to firewall rules, to prevent future attacks. Additionally, our security teams regularly review system logs for unusual activity and investigate any suspicious behaviour.

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Fixed Monthly Cost

For a flat monthly cost, you can receive management of your firewall, which in turn, avoids any up-front technology costs.

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