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About Uni·Support

Uni·Support is our global service desk team available 24/7/365 in multiple languages. The help desk and onsite services are staffed by a hand-picked and trained technical support team. Uni·Support offers complete desk services and will cater to any of your company’s needs and requirements. Uni·Support is a great compliment to organizations with or without an in-house IT team. Receive end-to-end support, simple setup, low upfront costs and fixed monthly fee rates.


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Our managed help desk service is designed to integrate seamlessly into any business environment. To ensure a consistent end-user experience, a well-defined triaging flow is utilized and allows efficient and effective handling of support requirements. Each help desk onboarding is conducted by experienced project managers and technical experts. Critical components of this onboarding include flow diagrams for support of unique applications, escalation charts, and user training on our systems. Our tested process ensures service onboarding is completed in a timely and effective manner.


Our Team and Platform

Tier 1 – Front Line Support

Processes service tickets, triage issues, assigns appropriate resources and dispatches onsite technicians if needed.

Tier 2 – Escalation Team

Serves as an escalation point for all customer concerns, technical reviews and planning issues. Tier 2 is also the client-specific internal service resource.

Tier 3 – Escalation Features a Senior Team

Investigates and solves more complex service impacts. Additionally, Tier 3 will be assigned if there is a potential change to the environment.

Web Portal

Our ticket web dashboard is a critical transparent log of our work. It assists in problem resolution times by keeping our people focused on their responsibilities and SLA targets.


Call, email, or online chat are the key contact methods for our help desk team.

Want to Learn More?

Flat Monthly Cost

With Uni·Support, you will get what you need at a reasonable cost. The pricing structure is based on a fixed monthly rate per user with unlimited support from our help desk team.

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Ticket Management with SLA

We ensure that you get your solution in no time. Full customer ticket dashboard is enforced by strict SLAs and includes automated status reports with feedback ratings.


Multilingual Support

A global support footprint with 24/7/365 availability in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

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Hands-on Assistance

We offer onsite and remote hands-on assistance, providing technical support remotely for all inquiries or onsite global dispatch services for your company.

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