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With simple and secure access to technology and support, our partnership with Microsoft has created the top end-user experiences. Paired with our services, we position businesses with the needed Microsoft products and software licenses required to expand and digitalize your workplace.

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Microsoft 365 Plans for Personal, Business and Enterprise

Microsoft Teams and Office 365 has the potential to enhance productivity and collaboration, but it needs the deep understanding of the product’s end-user requirements. With our services, businesses can unlock the full potential and capabilities of their Microsoft products.

  • Implement and deploy your Microsoft products/licenses
  • Make informed decisions with Uni·Support
  • Determine if your environment is ready with Uni·Consult
  • Ensure top to bottom alignment with a training plan

Implement and deploy Microsoft Azure with Uni·Manage


Reduce licensing costs and risks through Uni·Support


Get real-time support on your Microsoft infrastructure with Uni-Monitor


Uni-Secure allows for safe cloud migration and backup and recovery

Start your digital transformation today.

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Manage your Microsoft EAs

As a Microsoft partner, we help businesses make the shift to a cloud system as we deploy and implement Microsoft Azure into their network. We can remove cost and compliance risk to maximize the impact of your Microsoft investment as we administer expert support across Microsoft licenses and Enterprise Agreements. Through our solutions, we will a provide comprehensive services and a structured plan to ensure a seamless cloud transition for your business.

Get Full Value with Azure


As a Microsoft Azure deployment partner, we ensure that the transition to cloud is seamless and effortless. Combined with our services – managed IT services, cloud migration and backup and recovery, we help companies receive the full value of their cloud storage.

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Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface is perfect for future-driven companies. We offer a complete line of products offers a wide range of devices that will enhance productivity for any work style or situation. Use our services for product support, deployment, procurement and more.

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