Email overload? File, find, share and archive emails quickly and easily with this popular Outlook plug-in.

Email overload is so common that it is almost considered inevitable, but we can help with our perfect email management software solution. Mail Manager organises and streamlines email workflow with two simple but powerful features: an efficient email filing tool and a fast, flexible search.

Keep it together with Mail Manager

Mail Manager takes the simple approach of archiving emails alongside other documents in standard system folders, either on a local PC or over the network. Keeping related documents together makes them easier to find, and the software learns filing behaviours, which guides users to file messages in the correct place. Mail Manager’s fast and powerful search saves time and makes it easy to view emails in system folders just as you would through Outlook’s preview.

Mail Manager uses the standard Microsoft dot-MSG message format, to keep your archived messages accessible. Our search provides a viewer to preview your search result or you can open them in almost any mail client. SharePoint, LiveLink, Documentum and other programs are all supported.

Mail Manager is easy to deploy, needs no server, and no complex installation or integration. Mail Manager is a straight forward local client application, which installs as a plug-in to Microsoft Outlook. This makes Mail Manager just as useful for a single-user installation as it is to enterprise-level user bases of hundreds or thousands. IT decision makers can have confidence Mail Manager is simple to deploy, maintain and provide appreciable return on investment.

Mail Manager on your Mobile and Tablet

4MM_iPhone_Select_Drop_Folder-1Via Drop Folders you can manage your email on most mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android smartphones and tablets, and Windows Mobile 7 all without installing any software on the device.  A special device module is also available free of charge for BlackBerry.

Social Mapping

Social Map shows the relationships of emails graphically. It shows the names and email addresses of selected contacts in boxes, with the size of the boxes indicating the number of emails sent to and from that contact.

At a glance, it is possible to see:

  • Communication gaps within a team
  • The business or projects are exposed because it is wholly reliant on one person  (or even the wrong person)  to  maintain key relationships
  • Resources are not being  used  as planned, such as where all support requests are diverted through a third party
  • An unexpectedly-high volume of email between parties indicates an issue that needs to be escalated to a more senior level or to have additional input
  • Email traffic between parties is all one way, and not being responded to or someone is ignoring, or misunderstanding their responsibility and role within a team.


User Benefits

  • Easy to use – user feedback has been consistently positive
  • High user acceptance – it’s easy to use, makes their life easier and it works within Microsoft Outlook
  • Little or no training required. Once you are aware of what it can do, using it is intuitive.
  • Keep related data together i.e. file into file system folders alongside reports, presentations, spreadsheets etc.
  • Learns as you file – Mail Manager adapts to each user, giving a customised shortlist of suggested filing locations based on previous behaviour, making it quick and simple to choose where to save messages.
  • Because the process of filing is greatly simplified users file their emails promptly providing other users with immediate access.
  • Offline filing allows you to continue to file messages when disconnected from the network. Mail Manager sets the messages as pending and once reconnected to the network files the messages via a background process.
  • The search tool is both fast and intuitive, incorporating a preview pane with keyword highlighting to speed up the process of finding the right messages. Note: “UK IT managers are spending more than five million hours per year searching for lost emails, according to a survey. The wasted effort equates to more than £140m in staff costs” (Source: e-Media).
  • When searching, Mail Manager creates a local index of the emails so that subsequent searches are extremely fast. The index is structured so that it can produce a preview of messages even when disconnected from the office. This means that you could be on an airplane, search for messages, read them and even copy the text into a reply.
  • Emails are automatically and uniquely named when filing to system folders.
  • Easy feedback process – Snap ‘n’ Send allows you to easily snap a portion of the screen, add mark-up and the attach it to an email as a PDF, then file it as a record.

Company Benefits

  • Prompts staff to file emails as they work
  • Share locations between users using “Collections”
  • As soon as emails are filed to a shared location other team members can access the information via the search tool
  • Enables all related documents to be filed in one place. This not only makes it easy to find documents but also eases subsequent archive and retrieval
  • Solves problems with staff movement i.e. Important documents are filed sensibly rather than in personal folders that may be deleted when they leave the company.
  • Aids compliance with QA processes – Who filed it and when, the ability to mark an email as read
  • Enables compliance with data retention legislation – reduce exposure to eDiscovery risk
  • Centrally administer filing configurations so that every PC adheres to the same filing structure making emails easy to find, saving both time and money
  • Centrally manage filing locations
  • No “lock in” – uses standard MS Office file formats. Messages can be easily found and opened even when Mail Manager is not present
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Integration
  • Supports mobile office workers – messages can be filed and even searched when disconnected from the office network. Mobile phone integration allows messages to be touched once and filed the instant they have been read (incoming) or sent (outgoing)
  • Customise the welcome page to include your company logo and links to company standards etc.
  • Highly configurable – each team, office or department can have different configurations if required
  • No need to buy separate mark-up and PDF creation tool

System Benefits

  • Reduced user inbox space requirements – fewer messages are retained in inboxes (see Mail Manager’s System Architecture)
  • Move messages from your email server to lower cost storage
  • Less duplicate emails leading to reduced storage costs
  • Simplifies backup and archiving processes – everything relating to the project/client is in one backup set
  • No limitations to where messages are stored e.g. multiple servers, different locations
  • Future proof – messages saved in standard Outlook MSG format by Outlook (Mail Manager instructs Outlook to create the files). Emails can be dragged & dropped back into Outlook
  • The Batch Filer allows you to quickly and easily move existing messages from Public Folders or structured user inboxes into file system folders
  • Push out a pre-configured and pre-licensed MSI to your users by first modifying our installable to include your configuration and the licence codes via our MSIconfig.exe


  • Supports Microsoft Outlook 2007 32-bit version or 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016
  • Supports Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit)


  • Manager user filing and search locations
  • Manager user preferences
    • Filing defaults
    • Filing location types
    • Items to file
    • File names
  • MSI configuration tool


  • File messages from Microsoft Outlook to network file servers, and SharePoint.
  • File messages from mobile devices (via Drop folders)
  • Drag and drop to file
  • Batch file
  • Delete message after filing
  • Prompt to file sent messages
  • Suggest filing locations
  • Manage attachments
  • Check for missing attachments
  • Send links to filed messages
  • Send task requests when filing
  • Mark messages as reviewed
  • Edit subject
  • Add comments to messages

Filing locations tool

  • Collections (a file containing filing locations that can be shared with other users)
  • Move/rename/remove a collection
  • Load/unload a collection
  • Add single or multiple locations
  • Drag’n drop to add locations
  • Cut/copy/paste/delete locations
  • Open the location folder
  • Location usage i.e. file and search or search only
  • Select description from folder names
  • Add a suffix or prefix to a description
  • Edit description
  • Edit path
  • Toggle between using UNC or Drive for the path
  • Show missing locations
  • Show new/modified locations
  • Support for SharePoint locations


  • Search for messages (.msg & .eml) on Network file servers.
  • Message preview
  • Print from preview
  • Social map (displays the results graphically showing the different relationships)
  • Date range
  • Grouping (by selected column)
  • Customise results pane
  • Export results list
  • Add/Edit comments
  • Copy message to clipboard
  • Copy or move to another location
  • Delete message
  • Explore filing location
  • Email a link to a message
  • Standard query fields
    • Location
    • Subject
    • Body
    • From
    • To
    • Cc
    • Between
    • Contains attachments
    • Attachment name
    • Message filename
    • Message size
    • Comments
  • Advanced search terms include:
    • Full terms (words and phrases surrounded by double quotes)
    • Particular fields e.g. Categories
    • Wildcard searches
    • Fuzzy searches (searching for a term similar in spelling)
    • Proximity searches (finding words that are a within a specific number of words away from each other)
    • Boosting a term (increase ranking of a term)
    • Boolean operators (AND, “+”, OR, NOT and “-“)
    • Supports escaping special characters i.e. + – && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ ” ~ * ? : \
    • Date Fields (when specifying date queries e.g. today)


  • Capture screen image
  • Export image to a file
  • Email image as a PDF file
  • Copy image to clipboard
  • Mark-up tools
    • Lines
    • Arrow
    • Rectangle
    • Circle/ellipse
    • Cloud
    • Highlight areas
  • Text tools
    • Rectangular text boxes
    • Elliptical text boxes
    • Callout text boxes
  • Add author information
  • Supports multiple canvases
  • Reuse previous snaps and mark-ups



We continue to be very happy with the software. It has really helped us become more organised and able to search and find old emails that would have been very hard to find without Mail Manager. I’ve mentioned the software to a number of acquaintance now.

Craig L. Weaver

Vice President & CFO, EADS Group Inc.

After assessing many products and engaging in an extensive trial involving 200 staff, Mail Manager stood out to us as the best tool on the market for our design teams to manage and archive their email.

Ken Sanders

CIO, Gensler

I have no idea how we managed without Mail Manager previously – it is a vital part of our business, it adds value, saves time, everyone has access to all emails, so easy to use – need I go on!

Eva Heaney

Admin Manager, Morgan Sindall Grontmij